Time to Start Trusting Online Backup

Yet another one of our customers has lost precious computer files including family photos and important documents, so we’d like to remind everybody that we are a Carbonite online backup reseller. We can offer discounted rates on multi-year plans and provide free support for the duration of your Carbonite subscription. Concerns about cloud-based storage should not stop you from using this invaluable service. It has been shown to be completely safe and secure for several years now. We have found most people do not have a reliable backup plan in place for any of their computers or smartphones. Online backup is automatic, easy and completely reliable, and you can access your backed up files from any computer or a smartphone.  Just having an automated backup plan in place will save you a lot of distress if and when your hard drive crashes or your smartphone is lost or stolen. And chances are it will happen. We see more and more hard drives crashing than ever before and it seems that the lifespan and overall quality of the drives has diminished considerably, even from the top manufacturers like Seagate and Western Digital.  Do yourself a favor and start backing up your important files online, even if it isn’t with Carbonite.