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Data Backup & Recovery

Over 140,000 Hard Drives fail every week.

Do you have a solid Data Backup Plan in action?

Data Backup

Hard drives fail often without warning so we recommend having a local and remote backup strategy.  We can help you set up an automated backup to a local hard drive or network attached storage drive.  We also can provide a cloud-based backup plan with our online backup partner, Carbonite.

Your files will be backed up automatically whenever you are connected to the internet.  The files are encrypted before they leave your computer and stay encrypted at the state-of-the-art data center. We provide installation and support for your Carbonite online backup if you purchase it through us and we can offer you special pricing on multi-year subscriptions.

Plans start at $59.99 per year. Free trial is available.

Data Recovery

If you’ve accidentally deleted files, photos, music, etc. that you need to recover we can more than likely recover them even if you have emptied your recycle bin, and in many cases even if your hard drive has crashed.