Infected PCs may lose Internet in July

The FBI uncovered a network of rogue DNS servers based in Estonia and are taking steps to disable it and alert millions of infected computer users who may be the victims of malware known as a “DNS Changer,” which redirects users away from websites to ones that were deployed by cybercriminals. The fake websites were filled with advertisements generating millions of dollars’ worth of revenue for the criminals. Because of the potential for millions of computers losing internet access, the FBI has not fully disabled this network of servers just yet but they plan to do so in July. If you live in the US you should check to see if your Mac or PC is infected by the DNS Changer.

Click on this link to automatically test your internet connection to see if you are infected: http://dns-ok.us/

If you get a green “DNS eye chart” then you are okay, but if it is red then you should immediately take steps to remove the malware. And of course you are welcome to call Bronxville Computer and we’ll take care of it for you as part of our PC Tune-Up and Virus Removal package.

Thanks to Andy, “The Gadget Guru” for the heads up on this one!



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