Internet Privacy
The FBI uncovered a network of rogue DNS servers based in Estonia and are taking steps to disable it and alert millions of infected computer users who may be the victims of malware known as a “DNS Changer,” which redirects users away from websites to ones that were deployed by cybercriminals. The fake websites were...
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With the recent changes in Google’s privacy policy and their increasing capability to track your website surfing history, I thought our customers may be interested in learning how to stop them from collecting information about your searching and surfing activities.  As one of my customers said to me yesterday, “It’s kind of insidious,” after she...
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How We Work

Bronxville Comptuer will visit your home or office to work on your PC or Apple computer if you are in the local Bronxville area.

If you are out of our area of service, we can quickly and easily connect to your computer via our secure, remote support software. If you can connect to the internet, we can help you with most computer related issues.